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How (and Why) to Automate Your UFR Prioritization

Despite technological revolutions across various phases of the PPBE process, prioritizing unfunded requirements continues to be a predominantly manual process in need of automation. However, modernizing the UFR process requires more than technology. It needs to encompass a combination of people and processes with technology.

In this webinar, Jason Williams, retired Commander, 6th Comptroller Squadron and Chief Financial Officer, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida will discuss his experience modernizing the UFR process.

Discover how you can create the right mindset within your department, get buy-in from colleagues and senior leaders as well as the benefits derived from improving the process.

In addition, you will learn:

  • Key metrics and measurements that demonstrate value through the Fiscal Year
  • Options available to assist in your Financial Management modernization efforts
  • How automating the UFR process can assist in the mid- and end-of-year review process

Full recording and presentation slides now available on-demand!